2013 June Beer Series

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Lost Sailor IPA
Berkshire Brewing Company

South Deerfield, MA

Berkshire Brewing Company Inc. is a regional brewery located in South Deerfield, MA, established in 1994 by Christopher T. Lalli and Gary A. Bogoff, a pair of homebrewers with the vision of being Massachusetts’ local brewery. The goal at BBC is to produce clean, fresh, well-balanced ales & lagers in small batches. At the present time they are capable of producing 580 barrels (17,980 gallons) of fresh beer each week. All of their beer is unfiltered, unpasteurized and contains no chemical additives or preservatives. They now produce nine styles of beer year round and seven seasonally brewed beers.
“A cloudy amber beer with a creamy sticky head. Quite the floral aroma with that distinct spicy, raw, citrus and leafy character of East Kent Goldings. Flavor is near sugary sweet, malty and smooth on the palate with a balancing leafy tea-like hop character with a nice woody bite.
A damn fine IPA, and one of the best in MA. This IPA really appeals to me because it shows off both a big malt and big hop character, but the beer is so in balance and the flavors are so smoothed together.” ~ 94 points Beer Advocate

Red Giant        
Element Brewing Company
Millers Falls, MA
long trail cent red bottleElement Brewing Company believes firmly in the fusion of art, science, and beer. Their hand-crafted, bottle conditioned ales don’t fit neatly into any box and their size allows them to be innovative in their brewing techniques. They have created hybrids of styles that test the flavors, dimensions, and boundaries of beer. The highest-quality ingredients are used, including heirloom grains from Europe, domestic and international hops, and their own specially developed signature yeast.
Their beers attempt to hit the “sweet spot”; that point that gives you a gentle warming sensation of alcohol without the shock value and booziness of more extreme styles. A healthy head on a ruddy-looking ale. Smells of caramel, baked apples, spicy hops and molasses cookies. Smoothness precedes a quick kick of crispness in the medium body. Broth and hay flavors soon meet a flash of caramel and breadiness. Hops are there to balance this big brew even if they sidestep here and there. Alcohol warms a bit but is nonchalant. Leafy hops pool on the palate toward the end with a linger of a fruitiness from when the cork was popped–that caramel flavor just doesn’t want to let go. A big beauty, this lush and untouched ale has won us over.

Lobstah Killah
Somerville Brewing Company (Slumbrew)
Somerville, MA
SlumbrewLobstahKillahSlumbrew is all about the synergy between craft products and every day consumption. Well conceived, locally-sourced, quality products should be an every day part of our lives – not a unique occurrence. This is the spirit of Slumbrew.
Slumbrew is the research & development brand and concept of Somerville Brewing Company. Their mission is to brew unique, ingredient-driven beers that challenge common notions of what a beer should taste like. It is the result of nearly 15 years of beer travel and research by Caitlin Jewell and Jeff Leiter; and a decade of Jeff’s home brewing recipe formulation.
While they produce a lot of small-run, pilot beers at the Slumbrew Beerlab, only a small number make their way to commercial production. The Somerville Brewing Company contracts with regional breweries to make the best recipes for wide-spread commercial release, but each recipe is an evolving process of refinement. This model for beer production provides an opportunity to experiment with innovative local ingredients to produce craft beers that stand apart from typical formulations.
Lobstah Killah Imperial Red Ale is a special blend of Maris Otter and other malts balance a resiny mix of Columbus, Cascade and Simcoe hops. This is a hoppy imperial red ale perfect for summer drinking with, what else, Lobster.

Backlash Brewing Company
Holyoke, MA
backlash ConvergenceThe Backlash team is comprised of just two Bostonians – president and founder Helder Pimentel, 29, and brand manager Maggie Foley, 26.  Pimentel has been an avid home brewer since he was old enough to have his first drink, and made Foley a craft beer convert just a few years ago.  Since then, the pair has worked diligently to turn Backlash from a pipe dream into reality.  Convergence is a Saison, a beer brewed in the winter, for consumption the following summer. Pimental describes Convergence as follows:
“Convergence is our interpretation of the classic Belgian Saison style. It is brewed with a huge amount of rye malt, which adds another dimension to the spicy character imparted by the yeast we use. We also add our home made Belgian Candi sugar which enhances the beer’s color, as well Though Saison is typically a summer beer, Convergence is always in season.”

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