2014 January Beer Series

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Hairy Eyeball IPA
Lagunitas Brewing Company
Petaluma, California
lagunita hairy eyeFrom its inception Lagunitas had strived to make consistently good beer, and instead began making beer that ranged from vile, to barely drinkable, to wonderful, to elegant, to questionable-at-best. They were castigated then evicted from their original home in West Marin. Exiled from West Marin, they found the welcoming arms of Petaluma and succeeded in their mission to make consistently good beer, get their beer into bottles, onto the streets, and into the hands of sympathetic beer geeks, to steadily losing less money each month.
The color is somewhat dark, in the reddish brown. It has a nice think head that dissipates slowly. Very malty aroma laced with molasses, toffee, cocoa and ripe, dark fruit aromas. Very complex flavors with a long malty finish.
Great for soups and stews.

Wachusett Brewing Company
Westminster, MA
Wachusett LarryWachusett Brewery founders Ned, Kevin and Quinny developed a significant appreciation for beer while attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Adventures in biking, canoeing, and hiking that led the trio to the northern New England states allowed them to visit some of the first operating craft breweries. Armed with a “we can do this” attitude the three cast off from their careers in engineering and biology to found the Wachusett Brewing Co. in 1993. Wachusett Country Ale was introduced to beer fans of Massachusetts the next year after lots of experimenting to get the formula just right. When Wachusett opened, the three designed and built most of the equipment; did the brewing and filling, selling and delivering, and everything else that a small startup brewery needed.
Larry, the first beer of their Publick House Series, is a generously hopped, unequivocally handsome Imperial IPA named Larry. His citrus and floral notes perfectly balance out his bitter side, making him both sensitive and strong at 8.5%. Utilizing 5 different hops and 3 malts, this is mildly hoppy at 85 IBU and quite complex.
“Creamy, smooth, a healthy bigger body but not heavy. Hops are all over from a blanket of bitterness to a full on show of flavor; wild herbs, blonde tobacco, exotic spice & ripe citric rind. Ripe fruit from the alcohol and a meshing of hops, maltiness is more prevalent than most Imperial IPAs … the balance is great to see, some sweetness there as well. Bittersweet finish.
Not the earth-shattering hop nuke which is fine, very drinkable hop juice here.”~ Beer Advocate 89 points

Mean Old Tom 16.9oz. bottle
Maine Brewing Company
Portland, Maine
Maine Beer Mean-Old-TomMaine Beer Company is an incredibly small brewery (self titled a nanobrewery) located in Portland. Started by two homebrewing brothers, David and Daniel Kleban, MBC brews on a small 2-barrel brewing system, focusing on brewing one recipe at a time. Rather than being artificially prepared for the shelves, MBC bottle conditions all their ales. The brewing brothers certainly have their hearts in the right place – their electricity is 100% wind power, they donate all their used grain, yeast and grain bags to local farmers, and 1% of their sales are donated to environmental non-profits.
Mean Old Tom is a vanilla bean infused stout. Pours a dark chocolate in color. Aromas of roasted malts, vanilla bean and chocolate. A balanced flavor of roasted coffee and toasted vanilla. Smooth and creamy finish.

16th Anniversary Ale
Ithaca Brewing Company
Ithaca, New York
Dan Mitchell’s original concept for Ithaca Beer Company began in 1995, but it wasn’t until December of 1997 that the brewing system was purchased. It was discovered by chance after investigating another system in Texas that looked great on paper, but wasn’t adequate for the needs of the brewery. After passing on that system Dan had some time to kill and decided to travel around. During a visit to a brewpub in Austin, TX he discovered what would become their brewing system. He went in and asked them what kind of beers they made. They told him that they had stopped making beer and were actually preparing to sell their system. After checking it out the purchase was made and a month later the system was shipped up to Ithaca. Sixteen years later and Ithaca Beer Company now sells beer throughout New York State, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Ohio.
Brewed with local wildflower honey, Sixteen is a Belgian inspired farmhouse ale with colors dark as night yet beaming with rich flavors.

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