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A few months ago, we offered a few of the wines of Oriel to you as a pre-arrival special. Many of you took us up on the offer and found what we have found. These are excellent wines from many of the prominent wine growing regions in the world. This month will be continuing to expand our selection of these wines. To that end, we are having an exclusive tasting of Oriel wines on Friday evening, September 23 from 5-8pm. The wines tasted will include a handful of wines that are currently on our shelves and a couple of teasers which can be purchased and picked up at a later date. In case you don’t remember the earlier write up, here is a brief synopsis of the company.


Oriel Wines

For winemakers, sourcing grapes from outside a vineyard estate is nothing new. Burgundian negociant-éleveurs have been around for centuries. What makes Oriel different is that their wines are sourced all over the world, crafted by a diverse group of renowned wine-makers, bottled at the source and then distributed under one label. Okay, there are one or two companies in the marketplace with similar concepts. What truly distinguishes Oriel is that the wines are among the finest wines in their respective regions. They are made by winemakers that are in the upper echelon of winemaking in each of their regions. And, finally they are available at very agreeable prices.


Company founder John Hunt always nurtured a personal interest in and enthusiasm for fine wine. He wanted to use his entrepreneurial experience to create high quality, small-production wines, and make them affordable and approachable. As the Oriel line of wines continues to grow, the emphasis on small production and expert winemaking remains constant. The selected winemakers are given complete control, and they craft wines that best exemplify the style and terroir of their respective regions. These winemakers come with impressive credentials.


The wines we will taste include products from Italy, France, California, Chile and Spain. Whatever your personal preferences are there will be a wine in the group for you. When we get closer to the event, we will give you more information.

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