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We are changing, in a substantive way, the way we will be presenting new wines to you, our customers. In past years, we have used “Grand Tastings”, events with upwards of 50 wines to present new product. While this afforded customers broad exposure to many products, it also limited the time available to learn about each wine. This fall, we plan to use a varied approach on a smaller scale, to hopefully, give you a more intimate look at the products in a much more relaxed setting. The tastings will feature between 10 and 20 different wines. Many of these events will take place on weeknights, Wednesday or Thursday, coordinated with the availability of our vendors and even our winemaking partners, as schedules allow. We will still sprinkle an occasional weekend afternoon event in, as well. We hope this will provide a more comfortable tasting environment for everyone.

We hope this new approach with less wines and educated pourers, will provide a better opportunity to both taste and learn about the wines.

Thursday September 27th 5:30-8:30 pm

Wines of France
In this tasting we will explore some of the well known regions of France like Bordeaux and Burgundy as well as some of the less traveled areas like Roussillon and the Savoie. There may be a hint of California sprinkled in as well.

Thursday October 11th 5:30-8:30 pm

Wines of Concha y Toro with Wine Maker Sebastian Rodriguez
Concha y Toro produces wines in many styles and price ranges from value priced wines like Cassilero del Diablo to spectacular beauties like Don Melchior(over 90 points for the last nine vintages and top 100 for four of them in Wine Spectator, twice in the top 5)

Saturday October 20th 3-6 pm

Wines of California, Italy and Sparklers
This will be our big “C” tasting. It will feature Cabernet, Chardonnay, Chianti and Champagne. Don’t miss it!


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